Advantages and disadvantages of silver


Silver is a precious metal jewelry that people love to hear. It is not only used as a single material jewelry, but silver can also be matched with ring faces and hanging decorations to form jewelry inlays.

According to the ‘Compendium of Materia MedicaIt is also said that sterling silver also has the effect of coping with evil spirits. Therefore, in many places in the folk, there is a custom of wearing silver lock bags and silver bracelets to children, which is conducive to the discharge of ‘fetal poison’ for children, and can also calm the mind and ward off evil spirits.

Nowadays, people are increasingly favoring silver jewelry. Silver jewelry is not only beautiful and elegant, but also economical and practical.

The most important thing is that it is good for the human body. Compared with precious metals such as gold, it is more effective for human health.

Advantages of wearing silver Jewelry:

Poison identification:

Since ancient times, silverware can be used as the simplest tool for identification of drugs. People with good physique wear sterling silver jewelry, they will be brighter and brighter; while people with weak physique wear sterling silver jewelry.

If there are more toxins in the body, silver jewelry will gradually become black. This is one of the reasons why some people deliberately look for sterling silver jewelry to wear on their bodies.


Silver ions have a particularly strong bactericidal ability. As long as each liter of water contains 2 billionths of a milligram of silver ions, it can kill most of the bacteria in the water.

Silver can inhibit the existence of almost all bacteria and extracellular viruses currently known, and it will never produce any drug resistance. As early as a few years ago, there were a variety of silver ion fungicides on the domestic and foreign markets.

Inhales the damp and heat in the human body:

People living in humid climates are prone to rheumatism. The close-fitting silver jewelry can absorb the damp and heat in the human body, so long-term wearing silver jewelry can prevent or reduce rheumatism.

Traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and moxibustion in my country uses silver needles, because bacteria are difficult to multiply on silver needles. Silver is known as a ‘biophilic metal’. Silver has no irritation to the human body, which is unmatched by any other metal.

Disadvantages of wearing silver:

  • Silver jewelry is easy to react with the air, sweat and sulfur. A black substance is formed, which makes the silver jewelry lose its original luster.
  • The higher the purity of silver jewelry, the softer it is, and it is easy to cause certain scratches.    
  • Based on the above two points, silver jewelry requires more time to maintain.

Last Words:

It is one of the common metals, which is used to make different types of accessories. Both men and women can prefer wearing silver-made accessories for various purposes. You can wear ornaments on any occasion, and it is not that expensive to afford.

There are many mythological and astrological reasons that people are following across the globe to ensure a healthy and happy life.

Many other advantages are also there that makes you wear such ornaments. After going through the benefits mentioned earlier, you will be aware of how this metal helps improve and enhance your life quality. Unlike Gold, one can purchase it without spending much money, and it remains the same if properly maintained.

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